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I was looking for Daaboul.com, unfortunately it was taken. I searched and found that Al-Daaboul (آل دعبول) is a good option to start with.

Why? I believe you already know the importance of being online. I have many ideas waiting to be implemented, online shopping, online services, location based searches and information for local market, etc... This is just a starting point.


Everywhere, anywhere. With today communication services (3G, LTE, smart cities) you are almost online anywhere or everywhere.

Being online means that you can access a lot of services from your mobile, tablet, or even your glasses (Google glasses). That's why I forsee an important oppurtunity in being online.


Does it matter? When is not a question anymore, online services should be available anytime. Although Al-Daaboul services targets specific location; services should be online 24/7.

When depends on you, when you need something Al-Daaboul is there, when you have a question Al-Daaboul is ready to answer. You name it, and we will provide it.


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